regitse rosenvinge

Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur or blogger looking for hands-on advice, a tailor-made branding strategy or simply a dose of motivation in your everyday life? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

I’ve worked with personal branding, social media and content creation for more than 7 years in total, and I know what it takes to succeed in a world, where personal branding is more important than ever!

My name is Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge and I’m a Personal Branding Coach and Motivation Consultant based out of Berlin and Copenhagen; two vibrant capitals with a thriving entrepreneurial scene. I’m also a passionate freelance journalist and life coach.

I believe every freelancer, entrepreneur and blogger has a unique voice – a unique brand just waiting to be nurtured! 

 I’d love to support, motivate and inspire you on your exciting career journey!

Simply send me an email to get started.